Corporate Governance Statement
The German Accounting Law Modernisation Act of May 28, 2009 added a new section 289a to the German Commercial Code (BilMoG) requiring listed stock companies to publish a corporate governance statement either as part of their annual report or on their website.

Background to the following declaration

The corporate governance statement must include the declaration pursuant to the German Stock Corporation Act (AktG), section 161, relevant details of practices in corporate governance and information on how the Managing Board and the Supervisory Board work, who serves on which committees, and how the committees work.

Current and past Declarations of Corporate Governance Statements

 Information  Download
 Corporate Governance Statement and Report (March 2014, in German)
 Corporate Governance Statement and Report (March 2013)
 Corporate Governance Statement as of March 8, 2012  PDF
 Corporate Governance Statement as of March 8, 2011  PDF
 Corporate Governance Statement as of March 16, 2010